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Academic support for college success

since 1989.


What we do

We deliver effective, customized academic support and strategy through: 
01 / Academic Coaching

Let's be honest, we could all improve how we learn. At The LC students are guaranteed guidance not only with the subject at hand but also on overarching themes and practices for improved comprehension, understanding and retention.

02 / Mentoring+Advising

We are here to support students who want to succeed in school and in life. We know that the two are not mutually exclusive, so we provide holistic mentoring and advising to every student.

03 / Tutoring

Each term we pair students with degreed professionals for subject-specific tutoring.

Who can benefit?

We work primarily with UO & LCC students who fall into these categories
  • Any Student in need of one-on-one, subject-specific, college-level instruction

  • LD/ADD/ADHD and other non-traditional learners

  • Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

  • Third Culture Students

  • Students seeking to develop + improve executive function skills

    •  time management

    •  organization

    •  prioritization

    •  confidence

  • Students in need of coaching, mentoring and advising


Services begin the first week of each term and continue through finals week.

Students generally meet with tutors twice per week and with the Director, Beth O’Halloran, for academic coaching, mentoring and advising, once per week.

The combination of full term direct-content tutoring, combined with executive function skill development, provides the strongest foundation for each student’s performance year after year.

While we work within a generalized framework, all students are unique and therefore approaches and strategies are highly individualized.


The Learning Center (LC) has provided me incredible academic support throughout my college career. The LC tutors were able to address and help me with every course I took at U of O. In addition, they not only helped me with the material but helped me with strategies for management and prioritization. No matter my concerns, I always felt comfortable asking for help. The LC provides its students a very relaxed non-judgmental environment, a supportive and fun community, and a model for success. Beth is nothing but supportive and creative and does whatever she can to help you excel in ALL parts of your college experience. I am so grateful to have worked with the tutors and advisers at the LC. I am more confident with my professional goals than ever before!

— Jessi Benveniste



Beth O'Halloran


B.S. Biology Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

M.A.T. Special Education

Pacific University

Eugene/Forest Grove OR


Get in touch

At The Learning Center we only work with a small group of students each term. Email or call today to inquire about course and subject availability.

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